Windows and Doors


Tilt and Turn Windows – Unlike most other styles, Tilt & Turn windows offer dual-action convenience. They tilt-in at the top, and swing-in, along one side. By allowing indirect fresh air while tilting-in, they eliminate drafts and increase comfort, and at the same time reduce safety and security issues associated with other types of open windows.
Double Hung Windows – Thermo Roll’s patented two-part joinery system* for double-hung* windows allows us to wed exterior and interior aluminum extrusions of different paint colors…or even wood laminates or vinyl interior extrusions.
Historic Landmark Windows – Introducing a thermally-improved heavy commercial aluminum out-swing casement window, made in the classic narrow-sightline image of historic steel casement windows. The Thermo-Roll Landmark Casement is an ideal choice for historic residential co-ops – and even warehouse condo conversions, protected by local and national historic commission standards.
Fixed WindowThermo Roll’s Design Flexibility Engineering allows for the Windows to be Fabricated With the Mosaic or Universal Frame for Longevity & Lower Costs
Terrace Door. Designed for Areas with High Stress, Heavy Air and Water Infiltration with Twelve (12) Locking Points.
Projected in/out Window. Secure venting widow for schools, hospitals and other institutional buildings.
Inswing Casement. Extreme operating ease, combined with attractive sightlines.
Outswing Casement. An ideal window for maximum view, ventilation and egress. Unique Design allows for Roto Operator With Special Hinge that permits window washing from the inside.